Axalp Swiss Air Force live fire event 2018

My last event for this year in October: Axalp Swiss Air Force live fire event 2018

Flyer 2018 Axalp Air Force live fire event

On 10 and 11 October 2018 the annual Swiss Air Force live fire event will take place at the Axalp–Ebenfluh air force shooting range, in the canton of Bern. The training will be held on 09 October 2018.

We know from experience that the event attracts many visitors. We recommend using public transport for the journey to Brienz.

The spectator areas are situated at an altitude of 2,200 m above sea level. Warm clothes, waterproofs and good shoes are indispensable.

The spectator areas can only be reached from Axalp/Windegg on foot by taking marked mountain paths. Visitors should wear suitable gear and be in good physical condition. The route is not recommended for children under the age of eight or for dogs, and spectators hike up to or descend from the air force firing range at their own risk.

The instructions of the safety officials must be followed at all times. Rescue and medical services will be available (see map). Help can be requested from the organisation managing security.

The performances start at 2pm sharp. Access paths to the Ebenfluh and Tschingel spectator areas will be closed after 1.30pm. The air force live fire event lasts for approx. 1 1/2 hours.

The entire area of the air force shooting range has been publicly designated a hazardous zone. On no account may cordoned off areas be entered.  During the air force live fire event, all spectators must remain within the marked and cordoned off safety zones.

A commentary on the air performances will be given in all spectator areas via a public address system. There are toilet facilities in all spectator areas.

Situationsplan Fliegerschiessen
Situationsplan Fliegerschiessen
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