Axalp 2020 fliegerschiessen (AXALP ’20 – Swiss Air Force displays) *CANCELLED*

AXALP ’20 – Swiss Air Force displays

This year’s air force live fire event at Axalp above Brienz will take place on

  • Tuesday, 13 October 2020 and
  • Wednesday, 14 October 2020

The event will again attract thousands of spectators to the Bernese Oberland to see the Swiss Air Force demonstrate their prowess in the alpine environment.

The programme, which begins at 2pm and ends at about 3.30pm, is the same on both days,  featuring F/A-18 Hornet and F-5 Tiger II combat aircraft, PC-21 trainer aircraft, Patrouille Suisse, military helicopters, rescue and fire extinguishing operations, and parascout missions.

The weather in the mountains can change rapidly. If the conditions are unsuitable, the Swiss Air Force reserves the right to cancel the event at short notice.

Further information will be published here about one month prior to the event.

The training will take place on Monday, 12.10.2020.

Photogallery from 2019 @ AXALP 2019


The 20th NATO Days in Ostrava

The 20th NATO Days in Ostrava will thank those who protect us

The twentieth edition of the NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days will be extraordinary. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the traditional largest security show in Europe will offer an attractive live program as a thank you to all those who protect us. The technological tools will provide it to viewers so that they will have the most perfect experience possible.

As one of only a handful of European events of this type, the NATO Days in Ostrava & the Czech Air Force Days remain firmly ingrained in this year’s events calendar which has otherwise very much fallen apart due to the Covid-19 crisis and emergency measures aimed at limiting the spread of the disease.

On the weekend of September 19 and 20, the Leos Janacek Airport Ostrava will host an attractive two-day program of dynamic demonstrations both on the ground and in the air – for the viewers to enjoy distantly. “After intensive negotiations with hygienists and epidemiologists, we have found a way to carry out the event in a maximum extent possible while respecting all regulations and criteria necessary for preventing the spread of the coronavirus,” said Zbyněk Pavlačík, Chairman of Jagello 2000, which organizes the event. 

Thus the twentieth edition will be extraordinary in a number of aspects. The program will consist of dynamic demonstrations rather than static displays as much as possible. The organizers want to use them to commemorate several important anniversaries. In addition to 75 years since the end of World War II, it is also 15 years of JAS-39 Gripen aircraft in service of the Czech military. “Additionally, we are truly honored that our event will host an official thank you ceremony to appreciate members of the security forces and the Integrated Rescue System for their deployment during the coronavirus crisis,” Pavlačík added.

According to Pavlačík, the key mission and meaning of the event remain unchanged. The NATO Days in Ostrava will present not only the most modern military equipment, but also the best of the police, fire fighters, rescue service, customs officers, prison service and other units.

At the same time, however, the organizers are fully aware of the seriousness of the unprecedented situation. “Like many other events around the world, unfortunately we are not going to be able to allow visitors to enter the venue itself. However, given all available technological possibilities, we will do our best to convey the most perfect experience, as if you were there,” said Pavlačík.

Still, the NATO Days in Ostrava will be the only such event in Central Europe that actually does take place this year. Pavlačík added that the safety of visitors, participants, organizers and partners has always been, is and will be the top priority.

The Special Partner Nation of the event will be exceptionally the Czech Republic, and not the originally announced Sweden, which will take over this role in 2021.

Due to the modified format, we do not plan any static displays, so we will discuss possible alternatives with representatives of the air forces, which have already confirmed this form. 

“The current situation also affects the number of active foreign demo teams, just yesterday the RAF Typhoon Display Team announced the cancellation of the entire season. We believe that we will still offer a traditional attractive program of dynamic flight and ground performances. All information about participants, Czech and foreign continuously specify according to the development and available information,”concludes Pavlačík.

The General Partner of NATO Days in Ostrava & Czech Air Force Days is the company
Saab AB

Come and experience an exceptional weekend at the Le Temps des Hélices Air Show – France.



Organized this year by the Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis and the Aero-Club of France, Le Temps des Hélices, it is the atmosphere of the Great Aviation Week of Champagne, the first international meeting in Reims in August 1909. Relive the era of “chicken cages”, these machines dating back to the 1900s like the Bleriot XI, the Morane H or the Caudron GIII, when aviation was invented in France with the first patented pilots and the first manufacturers. Website: Le Temps des Hélices

Le Temps des Hélices is also the presence of numerous “warbirds”, these Second World War planes such as the Supermarine Spitfire, North American Mustang, Hawker SeaFury, Yak-11 or Chance-Vought Corsair. Warbirds from several European countries will be on the program. The presence of military vehicles and extras in uniform will restore the atmosphere of aerodromes of the time. In the sky of Essonne, the show will be spectacular for this 48th edition of the Aviation Festival! 
Le Temps des Hélices is also modern aviation, jet engines and a national aviation emblem, the Patrouille de France!

Program for Saturday October 17th and Sunday October 18th:

9:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.


The essential introduction to the airshow: a tray with the main legendary aircraft from the Temps des Hélices. The pioneers, the aces of the Great War, the interwar period, the warbirds or transport, the opportunity for everyone to get as close as possible to collection machines, historic aircraft and meet their pilots , but also to enjoy the friendly and festive atmosphere of one of the largest fields of aviation.

1 P.M. – 6 P.M.


A hundred aircraft in flight, from the first machines to jet planes, an exceptional evocation of the air battles of the world wars, the air show of Le Temps des Hélices will once again be a unique event, illustrated by special sound effects and effects spectacular pyrotechnics. An extraordinary meeting in a legendary setting …



From first flights to spaces of flight simulators, passing by stands of aeronautical or clothing comic strips, Le Temps des Hélices always remains an exception in French and European air meetings. The October autumn sun can only make the party more beautiful. Numerous catering areas will also be accessible throughout the site.

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