The airfield Eggebek, sometimes Tarp called (there the associated was Friedrich-Wilhelm-Luebke barracks of the Armed Forces ), one was a military airfield west of the community Eggebek, halfway between Flensburg and Schleswig. The last military user was the Marinefliegergeschwader 2, which was stationed here between 1964 and 2005.

The airport, built in 1938 at the time of the Third Reich, served after its completion in July 1941 as a military airfield of the Air Force. The eyrie had three triangularly arranged and near the ends intersecting approximately 1150 m long runways with an orientation of approximately 030/210, 070/250 and 130/310 degrees in the southern half of the later NATO airfield. It served as a hub for supplies to occupied Norway and Denmark and for enemy flights across the North Sea to the north of the United Kingdom. The 9th squadron of Kampfgeschwader 53, equipped with He 111(9./KG 53) was stationed here from October 1944 to mid-February 1945. He was also often flown to for training purposes. On April 22, 1945 the place was attacked by the Royal Air Force (RAF). Eggebek was one of the last remaining air bases in the German Reich. When the armistice was reached, the remains of various units were in place, whose home hordes had meanwhile been occupied by the Allies. These included Ju-352 transporters that were previously in Grossenbrode and the remains of the No. 4 night fighter squadron under their Commodore Schnaufer. The RAF demilitarized the facilities in the first two post-war years and the area was then used again for agriculture. Construction of a new airfield began in 1959 near the former airfield. The first user after the ceremonial commissioning by Defense Minister Strauss on November 11, 1960 was the newly established Bundeswehr Air Force, which used it between November 1960 and October 1964 as the home of the reconnaissance wing 52 (AG 52) equipped with RF-84F Thunderflash. As was customary at that time, there was another squadron location a few kilometers away in addition to the actual airfield for safety reasons; in Eggebek's case, this was in Tarp. After the AG 52 was relocated to the Leck Air Base, the naval aviators took over the place. Eggebek / Tarp became the location of Naval Aviation Squadron 2. The MFG 2 was initially equipped with the F / RF / TF-104G for two decades. Only in the second half of the 1980s did flight operations with the "Starfighter" end. The MFG 2 was one of the last task forces of this type of aircraft in the Bundeswehr or in the north of NATO territory in general. In the following two decades the tornado was in the service of MFG 2, which was disbanded at the end of 2005. This also ended flight operations in Eggebek. Today the site is used as a solar park and commercial area.


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