The Central Air Force Museum, housed at Monino Airfield, 40 km east of Moscow, Russia, is one of the world's largest aviation museums, and the largest for Russian aircraft. 173 aircraft and 127 aircraft engines are on display, and the museum also features collections of weapons, instruments, uniforms (including captured U2 pilot Gary Powers' uniform), other Cold War-era US spy equipment, artwork, and other air-related items. A library containing books, films, and photos is also accessible to visitors. Tours are given by ex-pilots.

The museum opened its doors in 1958. Prior to 1999, the museum was closed to the public, because of the display of classified prototypes from the era of the former Soviet Union.

The museum is open from 09:30 until 15:00 on weekdays (closed lunchtime 13:00-14:00) except Wednesday, and from 09:30 until 14:00 on Saturday (no lunchbreak). The Museum is closed on Sunday and Wednesday. Since the museum is situated on the territory of a military unit (Gagarin Air Force Academy), all visitors must pass the entrance gate to the military complex. As of summer 2006 special permission to visit is no longer required. As of March 2012 there are apparently only 5 full-time employees at the museum, and they open on what might be termed as an occasional basis. It is best to check that it is open before you go.

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