The KZ Rally is an icon in present Danish aviation history. In 2014, it takes place for the 47th time. The Rally fly-in was one of the first activities planned by the newly established KZ & Vintage Aircraft Club (KZ & V) in 1969. During the first years, the rally changed location between different Danish airfields, but since 1974 it has been based at Stauning Airport, that possesses the capacity of handling so many aircraft, participants and spectators.

The KZ Rally is firstly an event for all members of the KZ & V club, but flying guests have always been very welcome, though not being members of our club. In the rally days, the members share an opportunity to meet with people from other regions and aviation groups, have a look at each other's aircraft, take a flight over the scenic West Jutland landscape, have a party with good food and live music and participate in the general assembly of the club.

At Saturday's airshow, between 3,000 and 4,000 paying spectators gather at the fence. Unfortunately, the airshow was canceled by the heavy rain. In 2015 there will be another KZ Rally and airshow.

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