Jagel Air Base / Northern Germany – Over 70 aircraft out of 11 different nations were involved in the two-week large scale air exercise. In two waves per day jets and helicopters took off from air base Jagel, about 100 kilome- tres north of Hamburg. Up to 50 aircraft at a time transited to specific areas over the North Sea that offered perfect training opportunities. Composite Air Operations (COMAO) extended from the Dutch coastline northwest of Am- sterdam via the German Bight up to the Danish coast. With 160 x 200 NM the training area has about the dimensions of the Netherlands. Besides a few technical drop outs two ops waves had to be cancelled due to bad weather. While the first week saw some strong winds and sea state beyond the limits of some units, the second week had a big thunderstorm in the vicinity of the air base Jagel. In total over 600 COMAOs and other missions could be flown under generally good weather conditions, so that the training goals of this multinational exercise could be achieved.

Next Tiger Meet will be held at Konya AirForce Base Turkey 2015


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