The 53rd edition of the renowned NATO Tiger Meet was held on the French naval base of Landivisiau in Bretagne between June 05 and 16. This well-known event gathering the squadrons wearing a tiger as an emblem, were guest for the second time in ten years, at the home base of the Flottille 11F of the Marine Nationale. Jointly with this big scale exercise, the base of Landivisiau also celebrated its half-century of existence.
Besides the 'Tiger' folklore, the purpose of this generally highly coloured gathering, is training pilots of various nationalities during complex exercises, much needed to establish cooperation and interoperability between the nations.
During those two weeks, more than 800 exercises and 1.200 hours were flown and to achieve these results some 800 pilots and technicians were needed to accomplish the very complex tactical missions.

Participants French Navy Flotille 11F BAN Landivisiau Rafale M Swiss Air Force Staffel 11 Meiringen AB F/A-18C/D Hornet Austrian Air Force 1 JTS Vogler AB Saab 105Öe Italian Air Force XII Gruppo Gioia del Colle EF2000 Typhoon Italian Air Force 21° Gruppo Grazzanise AB-212ICO French Air Force ECE 01/30 (FAF) BA118 Mont-de-Marsan Rafale C/B French Air Force EC 3/30 (FAF) BA118 Mont-de-Marsan Rafale C/B Belgian Air Force 31 Squadron Kleine Brogel AB F-16AM/BM Czech Air Force 211 TL Cáslav AB JAS-39C/D Gripen Dutch Air Force 313 Squadron Volkel AB F-16AM/BM Royal Air Force 230 Squadron RAF Benson Puma HC Mk2 Royal Navy 814 Squadron NAS Culdrose Merlin HM. MK2 French Army EHRA 3 BA d'Étain-Rouvres SA 342 M Gazelle NATO 1st Squadron Geilenkirchen AB E-3A Sentry (1x) (Flying from MOB)

External Participants French Navy Flottille 4F BAN Lann-Bihoué E-2CHawkeye French Army 5 RHC BA Pau EC665 Tigre HAP Royal Navy 849 Squadron NAS Culdrose Sea King ASaC Mk7 Observers Polish Air Force 6 ELT Poznan-Krzesiny AB (No plane) Greece Air Force 335 Mira Araxos AB (No plane)


Airshow Photography by Henk Tito
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