Leeuwarden Air Force Base - 21th & 22th of April 2021 the Netherlands

Leeuwarden Air Force Base - 21th & 22th of April 2021 the Netherlands

Deviant Dragon

Fifty (fighter) aircraft from five different countries are practicing in large formations for large-scale air combat from April 12 through April 22. It takes place above the North Sea and the training area over the north of the Netherlands. It is the alternative to Frisian Flag, which could not take place this year. For two weeks, under the name 'Deviant Dragon', there will be flown from Monday to Thursday between 13:30 and 15:00, meanwhile the normal flight exercises will continue.


Aircraft from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the United States (from England) participate. They take off and land at their own airbases (with the exception of the United States). A KDC-10 transport aircraft will depart for the training area from Eindhoven Air Base and will be refueled in Danish airspace. The Royal Netherlands Navy is also participating in the exercise with an air defense and command frigate. Normally several countries practice every year at Leeuwarden Air Base under the name Frisian Flag, but this could not take place because of the coronavirus. At the same time, another exercise took place: Orange Bull. This exercise, with C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, should prepare the air force troops for the mission in Mali at the end of this year. During the exercise, low-level flight and dropping of paratroopers and cargo is practiced. Pilots will make use of night vision equipment in the evening hours. This exercise takes place above military practice areas Marnewaard in the Lauwersmeer area and Vliehors on Vlieland.


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