Weapon Instructor Course (WIC) Airbase Leeuwarden - 4th of October 2021 the Netherlands

Weapon Instructor Course (WIC) Airbase Leeuwarden - 4th of October 2021 the Netherlands

The Weapon Instructor Course (WIC) 2021 is the weapons instructor training course designed for the most talented and experienced pilots and officers. Every squadron, at home and abroad, that works with weapons has one or more weapons instructors. He or she determines the tactics that must be followed to carry out a particular job. The weapons instructor is also a source of information for other colleagues.

During the WIC, the tactical knowledge, skills and leadership qualities of the trainees are trained at university level in six months' time to make them even better. After successful completion of the training, the military personnel return to their own squadron as specialists where they can pass on the knowledge they have acquired to their colleagues. Participants cannot register themselves for the WIC, but are nominated by their countries.

For the first time this year, not only pilots but also officers from other service branches are participating in the WIC. The 2021 course, which began in May, consists of 22 trainees: seven F-35 fighter pilots, three of whom are from Norway. Six F-16 fighter pilots, four of whom are from Belgium. Five intelligence officers, three C-130 transport pilots, two combat leaders and two Patriot specialists.

The WIC is divided into three blocks. The first part focuses on expanding knowledge of tactics and weapon systems. In addition, exercises are conducted in increasingly large air battles. The second phase focuses on attacking ground targets. The third and final part focuses on expanding leadership skills. Students lead, plan and conduct flight operations with large formations of various types of combat and support aircraft.


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